Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves the right to quality education.

Being students ourselves, we’ve experienced our fair share of terrible communication from lecturers, long hours trying to understand complex textbooks, and lack of communication with fellow course mates. We aim to make it easier for students to access quality education from their peers, to make the most out of their tuition and maximise their grade!

Meet the Team

Rish Chowdhry

  • Founder
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Maths and Economics
  • BSc - UCL

Derin Ibrahim

  • Founder
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Economics
  • BSc - UCL

The EDU Story

Hey there!

We thought it would be great to tell you a little bit about how all of this started.
So, it was a few weeks before our final economics exams in second year. We sat down scrolling endlessly through our half-assed notes, whilst coming to the realisation that we were truly and utterly screwed.

(Yes, we really should’ve gone to all those lectures.)

Emailing - or should I say stressfully spamming, five different lecturers we basically begged for any help they could offer. We were either greeted with automated messages or told that it was too late to be asking for help.
So, we each decided to invest whatever money we had left into buying expensive textbooks, only to realise that they honestly made no sense at all. Even if by some miracle they did make sense, it was virtually impossible to learn and memorise 4,000 pages worth of information in the space of 2 weeks. We were completely out of options and the stress was only building as the days were going by. As much as we were putting in the work, it was almost certain that we were going to fail, and no amount of manifestation was going to get us out of this one.
Searching endlessly online for any information that could help, we came across a student called Lina, who was surprisingly happy to help us. We agreed to meet in the library and spent about two hours going through the module together. That’s when it all clicked - everything was starting to make sense now! Unlike the textbooks, she was able to explain complex economic concepts in such a simple and understandable way! Just a few hours with Lina had changed the game and restored our motivation.
Long story short, a couple of all-nighters later we walked out of the exam pretty confident that we had smashed it, and luckily, WE DID. (So, I guess, as much as this is a little bit about us, it’s also a testament to Lina and if she ever stumbles across this, thank you so much! But what if we didn’t find Lina? We would’ve failed without a doubt. Our issue was never the work ethic, but simply just understanding the information. How many other students must be going through this and don’t have someone like Lina to help them?
And that’s how we came up with the idea for EDU App! It’s genuinely unfair that we, as students, have gone through so much over the past few years. Investing £9,000 in university fees and graduating with such a large debt over our heads is stressful as it is. But truly being able to use the resources available to us, to make sure that we’re able to get the best grade possible is something that every student should have the opportunity to do! Every student should be able to ask for help.

The EDU Family

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